Welcome to IGS ( Europe ) Ltd

Speciality Gas Handling Experts for all Industries

IGS are one of the leading Specialist of fluid control in the UK . Over two decades they have developed all the skills, knowledge and experience to become experts in this field. Working hand in hand with their clients and advising them of cost effective solution for complete project satisfaction.

IGS Med specialize in the supply of turnkey solutions for the distribution of Medical Gases, Special Gases, Clean Dry Compressed Air and Vacuum for: Medical, Biomedical Research, Cyclotron & Pharmaceutical and allied Industries.

IGS Lab is one of the leading suppliers of Special Gas and Compressed air distribution networks for Laboratories, Universities, Research, Photonic and Allied Industries.

IGS UHP manufactures and installs Ultra High Purity Gas Handling Equipment, for reactive and inert gases for Semiconductor, Micro/ Nanotechnologies and allied Industries.

IGS Weld & Test offer sub contract Orbital welding, Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing and sub contract Assembly to all Industries.

IGS Van and Gas cylinders in cages